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Denver, CO

Working from photographs, Edie did a painting of our boxer Maverick in blues and yellows. As strange as these colors might seem, they perfectly echo the happy boy that he is, much more so than if she had used the browns and blacks of his natural coloring. Even more than the colors she chose, I think we love the expression on his face. She caught perfectly his sweet and welcoming nature. I can't begin to tell you how excited I was to surprise my husband with this portrait for our 2nd anniversary!

Trish and Scott

Glennwood Springs, CO

Although I expect I am biased about any portrait or picture of our 13 year old Westie, Edie has captured Gus’s classic slouch and perky black eyes wonderfully.  Just a week after hanging Gus’s new portrait in our home, we learned that he has lymphoma.  We hope to beat that darn cancer back with some chemo to buy a bit more quality time with our best buddy, but now Gus’s portrait is all the more precious to us.  Edie is as heart-connected to dogs as a human can be, so she combines her considerable artistic talents with happy insight into your best friend’s canine spirit in her portraits.  You’ll cherish what Edie creates for your home and heart!


Parker, CO

Edie is very talented and We just LOVE our portrait. She was organized, punctual and the art turned out amazing! We LOVE our Masterpiece Doodle of our furry friends. Thank you Edie for the fabulous portrait!!!

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