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+ Dimensions/Volume +
Height x Width x Depth: 3.5" x 8.5" x 8.5"

This bowl nests perfectly with it's large counterpart:

+ Design +
My go-to shape for bowls has become the pentagonal rotunda. This shape is made up of six pentagons and ten triangles. When pieced together the opening of this bowl makes a decagon - a ten-sided shape - and when you peer down into the bowl you see a clear star pattern.

+ Function +
The size of this bowl is "medium." What I mean by medium is that it's pretty much good for anything you want to do with it. It makes for a great general purpose bowl - from pasta to salads - but would also make a great centerpiece holding a few select oranges.

+ Process +
Each piece I make is hand built from clay slabs. In order to build a form I first cut out the shapes I will need to construct the form: triangles, hexagons, pentagons, squares, circles etc. Each facet you see on a shape was first cut from a slab and then pieced together to build the final three dimensional form. This is a delicate process that takes balance, concentration, and speed.

Once a form is pieced together I let it stiffen to a state called leather hard. This allows me to handle the form without it distorting. When the form is leather hard I will refine the shape and smooth the edges and rim.

Once completed a form will go through two firings. The first firing drives out all of the moisture, strengthens the shape, and prepares it for glazing. The second firing is the glaze firing. Most of my work is fired in an electric kiln - reaching 2,232 degrees fahrenheit. Some of my work is fired in gas kilns that included the addition of salt. The salt is added at peak temperature where it is vaporized by the flame and deposited onto the surface of the form as a natural glaze.

+ Individual Variety in Listings +
I do my best to accurately capture the details of each piece that I list. When making multiples of a form there will be slight variations from the photographed example, but I promise that each piece I create and sell is a one-of-a-kind, handmade work of art.

I also do my best to accurately capture the color of each piece, but please note that variances exist between monitors and the item you receive may not match exactly what you see on the screen.

Rotunda Bowl

  • I do my best to provide clear descriptions and pictures of the ceramic pieces you are about to buy. When making multiples of a form there will be slight variations from the photographed example. If you find the piece you recieve to be defective in any way, please contact me within 14 days for returns, refunds, or exchanges. Shipping during the return or exchange is charged to the buyer.

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