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Why technicolor? 

I have an addiction to translating the colors I see in the real world into a technicolor rainbow. Maybe it's because of my obsession with art from the 60's, or my fascination with prisms. Whatever the reason, I paint my subjects in this way because the end result is something truly unique. 

The process and materials:

All of my portraits are painted on gallery style wood panels that are 1 5/8" deep. The edges are painted so that framing is optional. (See the Ordering page for an example.)

I paint using a medium called gouache. Gouache is a highly pigmented acrylic water color that has a matte finish - meaning it isn't shiny when dry. I love painting in gouache because of the intensity of color that I can achieve.   

To make sure that your pet's portrait is as accurate as possible I make a full sized print out of the reference photo. I then use this print out to transfer the general shape and key details onto the wood panel using carbon transfer paper. This provides the basic outline for me to add the little details that make the portrait come to life.

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